Or Shalom Jewish Community is pleased to offer:

Justice in the Kitchen:
The Or Shalom Community Cookbook

See some samples, or order it online.

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 10.34.12 AM

5 Responses to About

  1. Deborah Gerson says:

    How do we get a hard copy. I need to flip through it and have the recipes open in front of me as I cook. Looks great.

  2. mtraven says:

    Hard copies are available at Or Shalom for a minimum contribution of $36 (I added this information to the order page) — Mike

  3. Shoshana says:

    Mike, Respectfully, why call it a “minimum contribution of $36?” What if someone could not afford that minimum supposed contribution. It is the cost of the book. Period. It is quite a shame when this term is used in conjunction with a non-profit organization.

    • mtraven says:

      I think that’s pretty standard language; not sure why you find it so objectionable. The idea is that this is an opportunity to give a bit more than the minimum to help support Or Shalom and OSJUSTICE.

      Keep in mind that the minimum contribution for the electronic version is $18 (and if that is a hardship probably something could be worked out, but that is not up to me).

    • cyberbrook says:

      We use the term minimum contribution or minimum donation because (1) it is a non-profit fundraiser, (2) all proceeds are in support of Or Shalom Jewish Community, (3) some people choose to give more than the minimum, (4) there are time and money costs associated with the paper version, but (5) the e-version could be distributed for less, if necessary.

      Feel free to contact me at brook @ brook . com (remove the spaces) if you have further questions or comments or if you’d like to work something out. We don’t want anyone to be disappointed with any aspect of this amazing cookbook.

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